The National Trust for the Development of African-American Men is committed to restoring the values, dignity and vibrant culture in African-American communities.

Why is it a called a Trust?

A trust is a responsibility. For a people to prosper the adults must take responsibility for raising, guiding and helping the next generations. The Trusts calls upon all African-American men to take responsibility for:

  • themselves and their individual actions,
  • their families (raising and providing for their children), and
  • their communities (playing an active role in improving the quality of life of all African-Americans).

These are the core elements of keeping the trust.

Why is there a drum in the logo?

For millenia the rhythm and music have been the glue that binds  Africans around the world together. The drum carries messages that echo throughout the world. The drum is the link to the past and the future. The drum is the most tangible way Africans have kept the trust over time.


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